About this Site

The foremost mission of biosolids.com is to serve the nation as an objective source of information on the recycling of biosolids, its benefits, regulation, management, science, and safety. In addition, the site will serve as a forum for the discussion of issues concerning biosolids that may arise and that are of concern to the public.

Biosolids.com is dedicated to being a fair advocate for biosolids recycling. It will gather and provide material to inform the public, contribute to public policy, react to emerging issues, monitor legislative and regulatory activity and provide information to a broad range of key stakeholders. These stakeholders include local communities, elected officials, federal, state and local government leaders, regulators, environmental groups, industry participants and the media.

Biosolids.com is distinguished by an advisory panel that will serve to help guide the site and its development. Among its members are leaders in science, agriculture, academia, safety and health, legislation and regulation, and technology. The site is sponsored by Synagro Technologies, Inc., the nation’s leader in organic residuals management.



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